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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  December 15, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EST

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getting ready for thursday morning already, a couple of incidents working in anne arundel county. route 2 solomons island road at polling house road. police are on the scene blocking traffic now but are directing you around the accident. in the meantime, also got be a accident reported on route 2 near 100, not causing any traffic delays there. if you're traveling through howard county, u.s. 29 is a good route to take now the dc area. also no problems on 95 as well as 295, the bw parkway. and i-97, looking good here. remember to follow us on twitter at maryland traffic. back to you. leon panetta is in iraq now participating in a ceremony and we're going to talk about the shutdown of u.s. military operations after nearly nine years of war. these are pictures of panetta, scheduled to take part in a q & a session with u.s. troops and will hold a press conference with the top commander in that country. all u.s. troops are going to be
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out of iraq scheduled for december 31st. police in anne arundel county are searching for a man they say raped a woman in glen burnie. the victim met the suspect reportedly at a bar. this is a composite sketch. earlier wednesday morning they were walking in the 300 block of hospital drive when she says the man sexually assaulted her. police say he has tattoos on his neck. if you recognize the sketch we'll have it up for you in a bit. you're asked to call police. this is a sketch of the man anne arundel county police, if this makes sense, or you recognize this person. newstime 5:01. today an offensive survey involving rape landed one campus in vermont in hot water. more on what happened and how the university is taking action. corrine? >> the investigation is underway at the fraternity house. the question is who and what may have been behind a survey asking fraternity brothers who they would rape if they could. leadership from the national office were on the ground in
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burlington wednesday working with the administration looking into the document that surfaced on-line earlier this week. uvn temporarily suspended the fraternity and is talking to students to collect more information. to make matters worse the fraternity is already on probation for alcohol violation and could face additional sanctions. >> it's technically free speech. yet, it is deplorable, and just absolutely inappropriate and offensive. >> it may be in this instance where there's a dynamic of only if you knew about this. we don't know that yet. or did the whole chapter know? who knew? how did they get created? those are the questions we have. >> the university could dissociate themselves with the fraternity. the fraternity says it would also consider expelling students behind the questionnaire. >> the fraternity was suspended on the same day we got disturbing new numbers on rape and sexual assault. one in five women say they've been the victim of rape or attempted rape.
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of those almost half said it happened when they were 17 years old or younger. however, experts say that number is probably a lot higher. >> people laugh about rape jokes. a lot of people don't realize who they might be offending. because people don't often share that, if it's happened to them. >> one in four women say at some point they have been violently attacked by husbands or boyfriends. this is the first year for the survey and they plan to conduct it every year from now on. see the entire survey at in dc, a new publicity campaign being announced to catch a man linked in a series of sexual assaults and murders in washington in the 1990s. police and federal officials will put up a web site to draw attention in the case. authorities say the cases are linked either by dna or similarities in the way they were carried out. the campaign helped lead to the arrest of aaron thomas, better
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known as the east coast rapist. today the governors will be making an announcement in a merger between two energy companies. it will give more money to help low income customers. the merger is expected to be finalized next year pending all necessary approval. new this morning, non-stop jet service will be offered weekly between salisbury and orlando, florida. the flights begin february 16th. airport officials say the new flights will be possible because of recently extended runways. police are searching for a suspect in the shooting in a barber shop in east baltimore. a man who shot just before 7:00 last night at the 2200 block of harford road. police believe it may have been an attempted robbery, the man is currently listed in critical condition. a man is behind bars this morning accused of breaking into a apartment building in towson and making himself at
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home. police say gerald diggs got into three different units on southerly road. he made dinner, slept in the bed and used the display towels. he's charged with burglary and theft and currently held without bail. the war of 1812 now commemorated in gold and silver. the u.s. mint unveiled this yesterday. it marks the 200th university of the writing of the star spangled banner during the battle of baltimore. the coins are going to be on sale beginning in march. some of that money is going to be given to the maryland war of 1812 bicentennial commission. considered a good news/bad news scenario for parents. the latest numbers on team use of alcohol, tobacco and marijuana. the numbers may surprise you. and former maryland governor robert ehrlich speaking out on his new book. how he says the country is to turn this car around.
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and i am a phoenix.
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news time 5:08. 46 degrees. an abc2 news exclusive, "good morning maryland" spoke with the former maryland governor bob ehrlich wednesday at a coffee shop in annapolis. >> the autobiography is a self-titled road map. for consumption during this very critical, national campaign. >> his new book "turn this car round" focuses on social and economic issues plaguing us while gearing up for the next fall gop election. he's endorsing mitt romney in the gop race. he also includes educational systems and the race relations going on. the book was released in november and he plans to do a network news circuit promoting that book. let's head to lynette for the forecast. >> reporter: i think you'll like the forecast this morning because temperatures are not that cold and we're not dealing with wet weather right now. maryland's most powerful
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doppler radar is dry, has all five sweeps on, we're scanning the skies. right now not picking up on a lot but into the afternoon you'll definitely get change in here. in the meantime, temperature coming in around 44 degrees into perry hall middle school. other web sites show low to mid-40s around towson all the way into arnold. as you head out this morning you may not need the heavy coat but you will need to grab that rain gear as you head out because this is what i'm forecasting as we go hour by hour today. around 8:00 that temperature around 47 degrees. lunchtime already in the 50s. then check out 4:00 p.m., our high temperature of the day around 57 degrees. it is going to be mild but remember grab the rain gear as you head out and about this morning because the showers are possible by this afternoon. let's check traffic now with angela. good morning. >> good morning. on the roadways this morning, we're ok around the baltimore beltway but in harwood that trouble spot remains a problem for those traveling on route 2
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solomons island road at polling house road. anne arundel county police say they will be there for some time. in the meantime as we mentioned around baltimore, getting around 95, southbound at maryland 32 looking good for those heading northbound up to 695. also, a live look at route 2, as you make your way across the hanover street bridge. 5:11. we told but the good news/bad news scenario. fewer teens are smoking and drinking but the bad news? marijuana use is up. eighth graders, sophomores and seniors, alcohol still popular among teens but binge drinking down. 6% of seniors in the survey say they smoke pot everyday. more than 11% of seniors reported using spice or k2, synthetic chemicals that are much easier to buy. shocking numbers from the centers for disease control and prevention. officials there say each year one in 150 2-year-olds are
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rushed to the er because of unintentional overdose. it's increased 20% from a year ago. 2.5 million young adults get health insurance coverage as a result of last year's health care reform. a provision in the bill allows parents to keep children on their insurance until age 26. a spokesman for the republican house speaker john boehner shows republicans supported that provision of oh became care even though -- obama care even though it included that alternative of the health care bill. more on the fate of an afghan woman jailed after being raped by a relative. a number of people are dead while others are rushed to a hospital in india. what led to the massive emergency. details coming up on "good morningmaryland." live back to iraq where leon panetta is set to speak
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regarding the end of the conflict in iraq. this has been going on for almost a decade, nine years. leon panetta heading to the podium soon. "good morning maryland" in a bit. [ sue ] wow!
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welcome back. it's that time of year again. merriam webster out with its 2011 word of the year. i want to bring in steve on this one. the editor's choice is "prag -- "pragmetic," pragmatic. what do you say? the publisher says it was simply the pragmatic choice. off the pragmatism a bit, today's national cupcake day. what better way to celebrate than with free food? free ice cream cupcakes are given out from 4:00 to 7:00
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tonight. this is the second consecutive year those shops are celebrating with the free giveways. lynette, i know you're in tomorrow morning. are you going to get one? >> you know what? you might need to go get me? i love me a cupcake. yes, i'm going to tell you all about it tomorrow, definitely. right now we can see the big view. we're dealing with cold air back towards the west and milder air as we head farther east. i'm going to zoom in closer to home, 40s across the board from new york into baltimore, down into norfolk now. look into the interior though back into pittsburgh and also charleston, almost 60 degrees now. once that cold front moves through we're definitely going to be feeling the cooler weather. so right now mild ahead of the cold front, behind it the cooler air will move in. the cold front will traverse the area, as we go through the rest of today and so will this rain as we go into the afternoon. you see how brilliant it is or how together it is, it's going
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to be more scattered as we go more into the afternoon. so everybody is not going to get wet. take the rain gear in case because you may be one of the ones that do get wet. look at future trend. i'm going to put this in motion and you can see what i'm talking about. how it breaks up a littlele as it goes into the 3:00, 4:00 time frame. that doesn't mean your commute home is not going to be a wet one. a drop of rain could bring to it a halt. so definitely take it easy out there on the roadways. as you look back though as we go into saturday, blue is indication of snow showers in the higher elevations or if your travels take you to northwestern pennsylvania. for today though we're looking at that temperature coming in around 57 degrees. mostly cloudy, mild, with some nd evening showers in the forecast. by tonight that temperature will be around 42 degrees, showers, not as cold and tomorrow, 49 degrees and mostly cloudy and it is going to be a little bit on the windy side as well. let's send this to angela with traffic. how are you this morning? >> pretty good for now, we're
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following a pretty serious accident in harwood, route 2 at polling house road, so far things still at a standstill there so expect police to direct you around the accident scene. in the meantime, overnight construction, getting out of the roadways for you. making the drive on i-95 at route 175 here's a look at the west side of the beltway, 695 at baltimore national pike. no troubles to slow you down there. also no problems on the top side of the beltway and for your mta update, light rail is running 20 minutes behind schedule this morning. news around the world -- an afghan woman who spent 12 years in prison for adultery after a relative raped her has been freed. the woman has been taken to a safe house in an undisclosed location. her plight gained international attention when it came to light she agreed to marry her attacker to gain her freedom and legitimize your daughter. a batch of boot legged
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liquors killed two people in india and sent dozens to the hospital. workers began falling ill late tuesday after drinking a brew laced with a toxige meth in all -- toxige in toxige negligence nol. four people have since been arrested. a man with a handgun car jacked that car and sped off. an unmarked police car rammed in the suspect forcing both cars into the ditch and off the road. the couple was arrested. that's good video. luckily no one was hurt. a black bear turned up on top of a garbage truck in downtown vancouver, british columbia. this is earlier this week. it's not an act. it's believed that bear hitched a ride on the city truck. the bear was spotted during a -- he was tranquilized, not hurt and released into the wild. the rentals keep rolling
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out. we look at netflix' top rentals for 2011. better yet, we look at the all-time best rentals and there's a baltimore tie. and a prestigious california university thinking of more tuition costs for students. we come back live now to iraq, a live look, leon panetta at the podium now, attending the ceremony ending the operations in iraq. after we conclude almost nine years of war. we'll be right back.
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newstime 5:24. in consumer news, more americans are planning to hit the road for the holiday season. aaa estimates close to 92 million people are going to travel 50 or more miles from home. this is the second highest rate in the past 10 years and 1.4% increase from 2010. the majority of people are going to be going by car with only 6% saying they are going to fly. university of california
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berkeley is rolling out a new program making college more affordable for middle class families. it comes after several controversial tuition hikes that led to a number of protests. according to the program tuition and fees for qualifying parents will be capped at 15% of their earnings. families with gross annual income under $140,000 a year will be eligible. it will be going into effect next fall. if you don't know what videos to rent for the holiday season the hollywood reporter has you covered. it released the top 10 movies of all time from netflix. number one has a local tie, about baltimore ravens' michael oher "the blind side," it was the top rental of the year. "crash" second and "the bucket list" was third. brad pitt's "the curious case of benjamin button" is fourth. "the hurt locker" rounds out the top five. check out the entire list at, click on the entertainment tab. newstime 5:25.
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a pennsylvania woman is confronted by a would-be robber. up next, how a pot of coffee and jug of milk sent that robber back out the window. and a bizarre high-speed chase in texas. what police say led to this hot pursuit. and what was in the car that had them so concerned? we'll be right back, this thursday, december 15th.
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i'm sherrie johnson. live in downtown baltimore where some parents are suing a school system over alleged bullying. that story straight ahead. >> and efforts continue in iraq as americans wrap up the conflict. who is expected in iraq today? and "time" magazine deals its person, or persons of the year. we'll tell you who it is or moreover, who they are, on this thursday, december 15th. good morning, maryland, i'm charley crowson. let's get right to weather. what is in store on this thursday? for more let's go to lynette charles. >> good morning. what is in store, definitely mild weather.


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